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Wake Battles at Salford

Hyperlite Wake Battles at Salford Quays went down this past weekend, with riders from all over travelling up to Manchester for the competition. £500 and a Milkcart were up for grabs in the two main categories of Pro and Amateurs, giving plenty of encouragement to the riders to smash out their best on the water.

A good number of entrants and some mild weather were brought together with tunes pumping out of the Red Bull DJ truck, with two top DJs pumping through four boxes of vinyl throughout the day to give us a taste of what we might be in for at Wakestock with Nick Williamson as he will be playing the festival!

A relatively new spot for wake, Salford has seen a lot of locals progress very quickly in the last year and it’s encouraging to see so many of them entering and placing in the comp. The Amateurs podium ended up with a good show from the Salford crew: 1st Lewis Davies, 2nd Brandon Trumble, 3rd Keaton Partington. Stand out run from little ripper Brandon who was the only rider to ollie on to the side of the rooftop throughout his category and also laid down a steezy stalefish backside 180 in his final run, good things are coming from the guys up here!

The ‘Pro’ category was a little different with Lewis Cornwall suffering from something after expecting to be in the final but left battling it out with Alex Brandwood of Liverpool Wake Park. Lewis has recently recovered from a collar bone injury and perhaps didn’t want to push it too much, or the judges made that decision for him anyways. Other notable riders were Toby Yeo and local coach Matthew Boote who were both smashing it in the earlier rounds, sadly Matt didn’t tick some boxes that we weren’t clear, Toby went to the final with a solid set of air, rail and kicker tricks but was apparently pipped to the post in the eyes of the judges by James Hackney.

A great day for wake at Salford and a friendly atmosphere for all involved, well worth a visit to this welcoming park in the heart of Salford.